What's up? Thanks for checking out my website. The main reason I do what I do is that I have a passion to teach and share the gospel and would feel disobedient if I were doing anything else. Now, will God change my job or what I do for a living? Maybe. But right now - in this season of life - I am 100% sure God has me where he wants me. I also feel that God has given me a gift and it'd be a shame if I didnt use what He gave me to make Him look good.

In a world that tells students, middle school through college (and adults for that matter) that happiness and life is about money, popularity and fame - I am striving to be that voice that says life and purpose is found in Christ alone. Not how you look, who likes you and how much money you can make or how good you are at something. Those things WILL fade and run out, but love and acceptance from a personal creator is where purpose and life comes from.
Chad Cannon was born and raised in the Marietta/Powder Springs area of Georgia. He married to Shera in August of 2000 after dating for 9 years. Chad and Shera have three kids - 2 girls and a boy. Indie (May 05), Cooper (Nov 06) and Aven (Aug 09). Chad is a sports junky. You're most likely to find him on a flag football field, a basketball court, a softball field or somewhere outside just running.

Chad spent 6 years onstaff with Student Venture the high school division of Campus Crusades for Christ and another 4 years on staff at West Cobb Church as their youth pastor. He currently spends his time speaking at camps, retreats, churches and schools.

Here are a few of the spots Chad has spoken and shared his story at:

  • Northpoint Community Church: High School Students called Insideout and Middle School Students called Transit
  • First Baptist Smyrna (GA)
  • Cumberland Community Church (GA)
  • First Baptist Powder Springs (GA)
  • McGregor Baptist (Ft. Myers FL)
  • Student Venture: Campus Crusade for Christ HS Ministry
  • FCA's In Metro Atlanta Area
  • Houston Christian School (Houston, TX)
  • River Church: Branson, Missouri
  • Dominion Christian: Marietta, GA
  • Cumberland Christian: Marietta GA
  • School Assemblies in Lagrange GA

Interested in having Chad come talk at your event? Let him know!